this page is more a skeletton than a complete body: most of the points are not completely nor adequately coverred
the idea is to help getting at the existing minimal information, or to help it to exist if needed, and save time for everybody (sometimes very basic information for standard non expert users are difficult to find, and everybody has to rediscover a large domain just for a small question, the goal here is to try to help avoiding that. It should even be useful for practical questions such as "where are the best restaurants".
it should improve with time, due to the various inputs you should like to see in. any time you loose time for some information you think should be normal to get easily for everybody, and that manybody will sooner or later try to get, please send it. the time you invest here, next time you will get it back, and finally it could be a permanent gain.
in principle it should not give many information by itself , but help to reach quickly the information you need so there are two ways at least you could participate to improvement:

·to give information (web page with target) relevant for a given subject (just few words to precise it is perfect)

test d'une image dans le meme directory cidessous  (reliée a un sémainaire montrant notamment qu'en mars 2020 on savait déja que le corona se diffusait tres vite et par air, pour aller si vite)

corona au cdf sansonnetti 2020

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